Ovens, Furnaces,Environmental Test Chambers & INDUCTION MEDIUM FREQUENCY FURNACES

LEB Natural Convection Ovens

Simple to use, these natural convection ovens offer the most economical approach to basic thermal processing applications.



LBB Forced Convection Ovens

Forced convection and a "uniflow" air circulation pattern provide excellent temperature uniformity. A top mounted heater improves reliability in applications where spills are possible. The LBB series has replaced the LDB series.



Ransco Fast Rate Chambers

Designed to meet the specific needs of the semiconductor, electronic devices and healthcare industry through accelerated temperature change rates for product under test and high volume air throughout the test area. 15C to 20C per minute heat up or cool down rates with horizontal air flow.



Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treat Furnaces
Custom solution heat treat furnaces, including quenchant management, are equipped with data acquisition and reporting systems. They are also available with a wide range of material handling options.



Induction Medium Frequency Furnace

Induction Furnaces are designed and produced by adapting all superior features, adding all up to date technologies and combining the necessary needs indicated by foundry men. Medium frequency Furnace operate at frequencies ranging from 150 to 10,000 Hz, such furnaces provide the concentration of high power in small volumes with a higher melt rate.


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