FH TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2003 with core business activity of  being a Trading Company specifically in Engineering Industry, Research & Development , and Services. It wholly owned and directed by Bumiputras  who saw the need to be hand-on entrepreneurs in  order to provide the ever demanding requirements of fast, reliable services to the industry.

However , throughout the year , opportunity in the Aircraft industries has driven FH TECHNOLOGY to get involve in Aircraft Parts CNC Machining Supplies. Today , our core business activities could be categorized in to several main area bases on experience our dedication staffs such as Trading , Services , and Consultancy for Research & Development.

Our Team

FH TECHNOLOGY, mostly came from a multi-discipline background, experiences , excellent , and has capabilities in their own fields. These invaluable experiences are the assets and strengths of the organization as to provide details information, products and services. Furthermore, together with all our associate companies, we are able to provide the full range of the products and technical expertise.

The Licenses

FH TECHNOLOGY is registered as a Bumiputra Trading Company with the Ministry of Finance (MOF). We are also registered with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

FH TECHNOLOGY is in the process of acquiring for other relevant agencies which is related.

Our Vision

We would strive to be the leading Bumiputra entrepreneurs, which get involved in High Technology Industry. With the smart partnership concept that we adopted , we are able to import products and eventually offer it direct to our client with a very competitive rates.

Our goal, to further our out-source capability and eventually able to offer a variety of relevant products to meet the customers or clients ever changing requirement.